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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Post it! 

John, I command you by the power vested in me as His Excellency, Viceroy of Punjab, Earl of Kensington, Baron of the Lowlands, to post the following:

Here is the thing:

Let me be clear about something, (moving slowly towards the door, trying not to cause a panic), but the house is indeed on fire. The whole place is going up. You can continue to stand by the buffet, stuffing your pie hole and talking non-sense, or you can grab a chair and break one of these windows (but please do so without causing a panic!). Sorry if we were rude, ma'am, but this here shithouse is on fire and is about to go. So I thought if you didn't have any serious objections, we might try to bust a way out of here. Or should we continue straightening the curtains, setting our drinks down softly on coasters?

So here it is: the tantra Jesus taught to anyone who would listen. In other words, a secret. Your beauty inflames my heart, awakening my love deep inside. My love ignites your awareness of your divinity. My worship reveals your mystery even as it conceals it. By giving in completely to love we find refuge at the Beloved's feet. From there we cannot be pried, not even by God. This is how we render God powerless, by absolute love...by becoming clear decanters into which God pours His mercy, He can lift us to the light marvelling at its clarity. He can bring us to His lips, taste the truth of His beauty. God has seduced us, even as our pure hunger seduces Him. This is the Love Game; the secret every child knows, and all lovers discover again.

Was Jesus the Master? No. The beloved disciple John, seventeen years old, whose head never left Jesus' breast when he sat, he was the Master. But what about Judas, the one who had the strength to do the unthinkable and betray the Beloved? He was certainly a Master. Without him how would we have learned how far to go in the love game? We would have been lost. You move one inch away from love and you're a goner, Thank goodness we are never far from love. God's bounty is so great there is no measure. That's where we should anchor ourselves. The "spiritual" path is nothing more than a lot of tricks of the imagination to get us to drop the ego games and cling to love as the only reality. How far do we go? As far as we can.



posted by JG  # 5:11 PM

Sunday, October 05, 2003


We shall await Tim. He will blog in the good turn of time.
posted by JAB  # 2:32 PM

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Blog Defunctus 

Aut Tim, aut nihil.
posted by JG  # 7:03 PM

Friday, October 03, 2003

Blog Veritae? 

Jo Jo, you're scaring me. Where is Tim?
posted by Undersecretary to the Deputy Commissariat  # 6:43 PM


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