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Tuesday, November 04, 2003

from the Big Blue Bangkok Book, Monday Sept. 23, 2002 

Mother Kali has a couple of great ideas!

"Hey, I have an idea, let's forget all this greed and power lust nonsense and get on with exploring consciousness. We could pour our military budgets into research centers and staff them with psychics, philosophers, psychologists, doctors, gardeners, yogis, monks, Sufis, meditators, artists, poets, lovers, dreamers. We could begin to explore the only thing worth exploring: the inner/outer world. That was why we were created, or came into being if you prefer, to explore the consciousness and the relationship to the so-called "outside world". Inconceivable worlds will open to us, untold reservoirs of creativity, insight, intuition, inspiration will be made available to all. Human beings are the Earth's single most precious resource. Think what we could accomplish once we begin to tap into this infinite resource. Speed of light space travel? dream technology? medicines of miraculous power?

What we would be doing is in effect creating a culture devoted to God, by whatever name you know Her/Him/It by. Once you begin to explore consciousness you bump against the large philosophical/theological questions (yawn) and these always lead to the Divine, once those boring fucking questions are transformed into the dance of Love (Hurray!) Questions such as: Where did this consciousness come from? Or has it always been here? What is the nature of desire and is freedom from it possible, or even desirable (OOPS). Does consciousness continue after the death of the body? Is it really even a big deal?

These seem matters worthy of intense investigation. Until finding answers (or shattering questions) becomes our top priority, we will approach secondary questions(i.e. How shall we govern ourselves? HA! What is the best economic system? etc.) with only partial knowledge. The results will be a continuation of what we have now....a barely controlled (?) chaos.

Idea for a play: Jesus returns but no one sees him except a drunken bum. ends up sharing a crate with the bum and passing a bottle back and forth. The bum laughs, "Yeah, guess you'll come in handy with that whole "water to wine " thing, huh?" Jesus takes a swig and says, "Well, I promised to return and establish a paradise on earth for those who kept the faith. Welcome to paradise." he toasts the dark night sky and swigs. The bum looks at Jesus, tears flowing down his dirty, cracked face, leans over and gently kisses him on the cheek. "Thanks, Chief." he sighs, burying his face in Jesus' filthy army jacket.


You are about to be born into a new universe.................................................................sort of."

posted by VMM  # 8:44 PM


On Judgment Day,

everyone was shocked.

God was sitting on

His throne,

looking out the window

in a pensive way,

watching the stars.

As each soul approached,

told his story,

made her pitch,

He just waved His

hand absently

toward the Gate of Heaven,

saying in a sad, distant voice,



-- TY
posted by VMM  # 8:39 PM


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