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Wednesday, February 25, 2004


The Fallen Priest Explains

God loves us

like a cat loves

a mouse.

Likes to keep

us alive for

a while.

Just for fun.

Oh come on!

Like you

wouldn't do

the same,

if positions

were reversed.



82% of Americans say

they believe in miracles.

So what the hell is

going on?

Heads are lowered.

Heroes sag beneath the norm.

I am waiting for salvation at

the bus stop,

trusting the real

to be real, no matter

what official sources



We Like

We like to see

people stumble.

We pray with

one eye open,

hoping to catch

someone peeking.


Why Should I?

Why save it,

when it leaves

such a grimace

on your noble


Let's become assassins,

pledging ourselves to

some impossibly

glorious crime



We Two

In my mind

your careless

arm is thrown


across my shoulder.

Your warm lips

whisper in my ear.

Finding we have

tongues, we chatter

like swallows

in the twilight.

Finding we have

silence, we sit

together like

two stones

in the garden.


Make Yourself Small

Make yourself very small,

then it won't eat you.

Sail between the teeth.

Swim the infinite gulfs.

Wash up on the shore

of the heart.


I Have a Knack

I have this ability

to detect nobility.

My eyes are

sensitive to the light.

This is why I would

serve you,

if you were king

(and you are).

This is why you would

give me the keys

to your treasure house,

your harem.

I would move through the place

like a shadow;

I would be by your shoulder

when you called.

You would give me

the honor of the first

bite from your plate,

the first sip from

your cup.

You know it would

be this way

whether you sat

upon a throne

of gold,

or a green, grassy



Jack the Ripper Once Said to Me:

Is it not comical

that by daylight

one could

mistake me

for a doctor?



Angelic lovers flock

around me.

If I move my hand

to clasp a pen,

they scatter.

What are they

afraid of,

that I'll finally

learn to praise?



The power of this love

is so great, it can turn

you into a God.

What a wonder,

turning gold to gold.

Don't listen to that

con artist.

His one desire is to cheat,

to steal that which you never had,

to sell you that which you never lost.

You know the line.

You buy that?


What Would People Say

I fear the intimacy

of some one

murdering me

with his or her

bare hands.

I am not sure

what such closeness

would do to us.


And a Secret One at That

Our correspondence has taken on

the wonderful taint of a forbidden


Every time I open a letter

it is like getting a call from a

dominatrix named "Lola".

When I send something off,

it is like standing at a payphone,

late at night,

rain pouring down,

just to hear a voice,

send Morse code:

long breaths,

short gasps.

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